Number the pages of your PDF files for free

Add page numbers to your PDF document and choose the numbers' placement in just a few clicks

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Choose where to put your page numbers
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Numbering the pages of a PDF is easy and free

Add page numbers to your PDF files in just a few clicks. It's easy and free. Start by selecting or dragging-and-dropping your PDF file directly on our website.

Your files are private

All files processed on our website are kept private. We do not resell or share any of your personal data.

Compatible with all your devices

1pdf is compatible with your computer (linux, macOS, Windows...) and your smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android...).

A powerful Cloud architecture

Our 1pdf service provides an upgradeable and high-performing platform to ensure our tools and your PDF files are readily available.

Unlimited use

1pdf is a free online service offering unlimited use. Merge, divide, compress, convert, encrypt, or rotate your PDF files in just a few clicks.

How can I add page numbers to my PDF file for free?

1. Select a file

To start using this tool, first select the PDF file you would like to number on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

2. Choose the numbers' position

Once you've uploaded the PDF file, start by choosing where you would like the numbers to appear and select where you'd like the numbering to begin (optional).

3. Download your PDF file

Voilà! Download or share your numbered PDF file on your computer or smartphone and get numbering again whenever you'd like..

Why use 1pdf to add page numbers to a pdf file?

Are you looking to add page numbers to your PDF document in just a few clicks, without having to download specific software?

With 1pdf, after you've uploaded your file, choose a spot for your page numbers (6 available placements: top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, and bottom right). Once you've chosen where you'd like the numbers to appear, you can choose where to start the numbering (this is optional).

Once you've selected your options, simply submit by clicking the "Number PDF" button to start the processing of your file and download your newly numbered PDF.